As a Chartered Physiotherapist, I can help RESTORE you from your aches and pains related to pregnancy both during or after birth. I use manual therapy, exercise, soft tissue, taping and acupuncture treatments. Common issues include Back pain, aches Pelvis and Tailbone, upper body tension and post baby Tummy gap (Diastasis). Come to our Clinic or we can visit you.

Experiencing ache or pain during your pregnancy or since childbirth? Are you a mum in need of some assistance with your Pelvic floor, back, posture, pelvis or neck? Having Perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms?

Physiotherapy can be helpful in relieving pregnancy related back and pelvic girdle pain by educating on movement strategies, core and pelvic floor training, exercise and support devices for example taping techniques.


Physiotherapy can also be helpful with improving a Diastasis recti (tummy gap) in Postnatal Mums . We also can offer advice for ladies wishing to return to sport after pregnancy and ensure their bodies have recovered enough to return to specific exercises.

Pelvic Physiotherapy and Womens health physiotherapy is super useful for menopausal women to prevent secondary complications and education on symptom management.


Did you know…

  • Up to 75% of women suffer from urinary incontinence during pregnancy

  • 45% of Mother’s will still have urinary incontinence 7 years postnatally

PREGNANCY physiotherapy

Suffer Pelvic girdle Pain? Sacral ilac issues? low back or neck pain? or  not sure what is aching and why?

We can help with a comprehensive assessment and management plan. Hands on therapy service as well as personalised exercise if appropriate.


A health MOT is a physiotherapy postnatal assessment of how your body is functioning and adapting to the changes and different stresses placed on it by pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.


Some women have a health MOT because they have concerns about continence, tummy muscle separation ( diastasis recti) prolapse or pelvic pain, others because they want guided return to exercise and fitness and some women believe that after the challenge their body has been through , then a thorough check up should be a routine part of the restorative process.


Do I Need one?

If you have had a baby whether that was a vaginal or c-section delivery your body has spent the best part of a year adapting and changing. I believe every woman would benefit from a health Mot after having a baby whether that was just 6 weeks ago or even several years.

Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Rectus is an excessive prolonged widening and thinning of the midline connective tissue (linea alba).

DRA is often experienced by women during and after pregnancy. Whilst it is normal to experience some degree of separation it should generally resolve naturally postnatally. In approximately 1/3 of women the excessive and prolonged widening can continue and impact abdominal wall function and appearance.

Rehabilitation of DRA requires a specialist and individualised programme depending on an individuals presentation and specific goals.


Pelvic Floor Rehab

One in three women suffer from urinary incontinence. Whilst this condition is common it is not normal. Many women often wait years before seeking help and low self esteem, embarrassment and helplessness are commonly reported (Sinclair & Ramsay 2011). Many women withdraw from physical and social activities as a result.


Please don’t suffer in silence Physiotherapy really does work to improve symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Did you know…

  • Women wait 6.5 years before seeing a healthcare professional for bladder control problems

  • Pelvic floor exercises are more effective when supported by a physiotherapist

  • Only 1 in 5 affected women seek help for incontinence issues.

Clinic and Online Appointments £75

Homevist (under 3 miles) £99 plus parking fees if applicable

Homevisits (under 5 miles) £115 plus parking fees if applicable

HEALTH MOT £100 Clinic and £125-140 for Homevisit



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Suffer Pelvic girdle Pain? Sacral ilac issues? low back or neck pain? or  not sure what is aching and why?

We can help with a comprehensive assessment and management plan. Hands on therapy service as well as personalised exercise if appropriate.



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Massage is fabulous way to relax, relieve the aches your feeling and help you destress and reset your body! Safe in pregnancy and postnatal days and absolutely for all women of any age! I offer a candlelit calming atmosphere for all my massage session. Which are both RELAXING and remedial. We will work on tight muscles and deal with any areas of concern during the session.


Perfect gift for yourself to assist in Pregnancy, following childbirth or even as a Mother, to relax, loosen up and rejuvenate! Organic oils and candles come as standard to help set the mood.


Home visits £99 and clinic appointments £75 available daytime, evenings and weekends ​​

Gift Vouchers also Available at £10 and £20 notions click here


What shall i wear? During the massage generally you will wear only your knickers and be covered under a cosy blanket, only exposing the area being worked on.

Will it be painful? Happy to offer a relaxing session. Those who suffer from injury, aches and painful area may find the remedial release uncomfortable for a split second but then instant relief in the area on completion of our session.

How long is the session? Appoinments are genreally 60 mins with some flexibility in setting up, consult, any queries and un/dressing.

How do i pay? You can pay in cash or by bank transfer following the appoinment once home. 

How oftern should come? Totally up to you, some come for the me time every month, other more of a treat every quarter. If you need massage therapy for you rehab programme i would let you know duing the appoinnement.

Do you cover my are for a home visit? I genreally cover 5 mile radus of SW16. However if i unable to cover or not available i try my best to pass on a collegues detail to you, who can help.

Where is your Clinic and what is your availability? Im on Semley Road, SW16 4PL with free parking and near 109/255 bus route. My calender for appointments is here..calender


Pilates is a great way to follow on from a recent Physiotherapy appointment, Childbirth, Surgery and Injury. The specialist groups are tailored and small to allow maximum attention and progression.

Drawing upon 3 personal experiences of labour and Postgraduate level training in Clinical Matwork Pilates I have designed an Informative and Challenging Pilates programme for during Pregnancy, as Mothers and women in Menopause. You will LEARN and feel loads!


I offer a private session in my clinic, online (zoom) or in your home. I also offer over 10 group sessions in SW London in Balham, Norbury and Streatham weekly.  Book here

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