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More than just your normal organiser or diary – this is a comprehensive all-in-one planner & wellbeing journal to meet all your life and business needs.


Your ultimate companion for 2024, practical and simple-to-use, define your vision, set, plan & track your goals and see increased productivity.


This elegant planner will even support you through those difficult times on your journey; help you to keep focused and reduce your stress levels with mindfulness and inspiration built-in.



Plenty of research shows that actually writing down your to-do list and schedule for the day makes you feel more focused. So, rather than using an app, invest in this paper planner and achieve more results.


Organise all your appointments, thoughts, reminders, goals and notes. There’s even space for mindfulness colouring and reflection. We’ve carefully designed the pages inside to help you to feel motivated, calm, engaged and in control.



Perfect if you want a better work-life balance and to streamline your life. Each page will guide you through day by day, month by month, throughout 2024.



Work Smarter not harder. Be more productive, not busy. Achieve more in 2024.



Say hello to Madia...


Madia is a Women's health physiotherapist, Mum of 3, Business coach to Health Professionals and a Community Champion in South London.


With busy life demands, but a passion to succeed, Madia has designed this planner and journal for you, the ultimate practical companion.


Despite having a busy life, Madia is complimented on her ability to be organised and calm... she’s now sharing her secrets on achieving both life, work and wellbeing ambitions.

2024 Planner Black Cover

  • Sections in planner

    Vision Board

    Goal Setting

    2024/2025 overview

    Monthly Colouring Page and Motivation

    Monthly Overview for content planning

    Weekly Planning Page

    Daily schedule Page inc wellbeing tracker

    End of Month Review Page in Gratitude

    Monthly Finance tracking

    End of Year reflection


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